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JAKS Automation Inc., established in 2020, is a forward-looking startup dedicated to advancing the realm of automation and robotics within the manufacturing sector in Western Canada. As a system integrator, we specialize in vision-guided robotics, custom servomotor solutions, AI, and SCADA technologies. Our primary focus is on catering to the unique needs of the food and beverage, lumber, recycled rubber, and broader manufacturing industries.


We identify and target key automation opportunities to create lasting relationships with our customers. Our modern management and planning strategies create success in the projects that we pursue. In turn, this generates growth for the companies to which we deploy these projects. We employ a first principles design approach to new automation development. This allows us to take on technically difficult projects and develop new technology to give our customers a competitive advantage to fuel their market share growth.


We possess extensive expertise in constructing and commissioning robotic work cells across a spectrum of complexities. Our proficiency spans from fundamental tasks like palletizing, machine tending, and welding to intricate vision-guided multi-robot work cells.

Moreover, we boast hands-on experience collaborating with an extensive array of renowned robot brands, including Yaskawa/Motoman, Omron, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, and Universal Robots.

Robotic Automation in Production Line - A robot diligently performing tasks on a production line within an industrial setting. This image illustrates automated manufacturing, where the robot is involved in assembly, handling, or inspection processes. The robot's precise movements and integration into the production line showcase modern industrial automation, enhancing efficiency and precision in manufacturing operations.
Actuator-Driven Automation System - The image showcases an automated system utilizing actuators, which are precision devices responsible for controlling and moving mechanical components. These actuators, powered by electrical or hydraulic mechanisms, play a pivotal role in automating industrial processes. The setup demonstrates actuators working in synchronization, enabling precise movement and control of machinery, illustrating efficient and advanced automation within industrial applications.


Recognizing that a robot might not always be the ideal solution for an automation task, we offer alternative approaches beyond standard robotics. Our expertise extends to solutions like servomotor-driven gantry systems, providing efficient and effective automation options tailored to specific needs.


Specializing in tailored machine vision solutions, we excel in integrating AI for intricate part detection and handling complex tasks. Our expertise extends to leveraging 3D data for vision-guided robotic systems and high-precision quality inspection applications. Additionally, we have adeptness in barcode scanning, offering comprehensive solutions for diverse automation needs.

Machine Vision Camera - A machine vision camera setup designed for industrial applications. The camera, mounted on an adjustable frame, features high-resolution optics and specialized lenses for capturing precise images used in automated inspection, quality control, and production monitoring. The setup showcases a sophisticated system utilizing advanced imaging technology to analyze and ensure the accuracy and quality of manufactured components within industrial environments.
HMI Displaying Production Trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Analytical dashboard showcasing real-time production metrics, including trend graphs and KPIs such as throughput, efficiency, and quality metrics. This HMI illustrates comprehensive data visualizations aiding in performance monitoring and decision-making within the manufacturing environment.


We integrate analytics and data analysis, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), into our control, robotics, and automation systems. Additionally, our expertise extends to custom dashboard solutions by employing database design, management, and network configuration capabilities. Our systems incorporate SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for comprehensive monitoring and control.

Multi-Robot Production Line - A high-tech manufacturing scene featuring a multi-robot assembly line. Multiple robotic arms are diligently working in synchrony, assembling and handling components along the production line. This automated system showcases efficient and precise manufacturing processes, employing robotics to enhance productivity and streamline assembly tasks.


"Adon and his team are some of the best hands on engineers I have had the pleasure of working with, excellent attention to detail and great use of common sense. Simple solutions for complex problems."

Lane Henderson,

P.Eng Principal, Electrical Engineer SPARQ Industries


“Working with JAKS Automation has been a true pleasure and we firmly believe it was one of the best business decisions we ever made.”

Marissa Bergeron


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