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Palletized Dimensional Lumber - Stacked dimensional lumber neatly arranged and palletized for storage or transportation. This image showcases a collection of uniform wooden planks or beams organized in layers on a pallet. The stacked lumber indicates efficient storage or shipping preparation within the lumber industry or construction supply chain.


Looking for a palletizing solution tailored to your dimensional lumber needs? Explore our range of offerings at JAKS Automation. We take pride in our adaptable palletizing system, designed to flexibly meet our clients' unique requirements. Contact us today for personalized guidance on selecting the ideal palletizing solution for your specific needs.


Robotic Palletizing:

Our palletizing solution utilizes a robot to efficiently handle dimensional lumber. This plug-and-play system is designed for customers who prioritize high production rates, rapid installation, and a smaller overall system footprint. It's an ideal choice for those seeking both speed and efficiency in their operations.

Robotic Workcell - CAD Concept.png
Servomotor-Driven Gantry System Palletizing Dimensional Lumber with 3D Camera - An advanced gantry system equipped with servomotors, precisely palletizing dimensional lumber guided by a 3D camera. This image showcases the integration of precise motion control through servomotors to manipulate and stack lumber onto pallets. The system uses a 3D camera for accurate spatial perception, enabling efficient and automated palletization in the lumber industry, showcasing cutting-edge technology in material handling and automation.


Gantry Palletizing:

Our palletizing solution employs a gantry system specifically designed for handling dimensional lumber. Ideal for customers needing a slower throughput rate and with distinctive footprint requirements, this system offers versatility. Its configurable nature ensures suitability for customers with complex footprint demands, providing tailored solutions for diverse operational needs.

Please be aware that the CAD renders shown above serve solely for conceptual representation. Details such as pallet structures and the methodologies used to prevent blocks from falling off are not depicted in these visuals. Each system will be customized to meet the specific requirements of the client.

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