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Discover the cutting-edge expertise of JAKS through our innovative robotics and automation systems. We specialize in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to address complex challenges, guaranteeing optimal return on investment for our clients.

Please be advised that our systems are predominantly proprietary. To explore further details and request access to our exclusive design portfolio, kindly reach out to us using our contact form.

Unlock the potential of recycled rubber with our innovative automation and robotics solutions. Explore how our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes processes, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in rubber recycling.


Drawing from our extensive experience in handling recycled rubber products, we specialize in creating customized automation systems, including spray cells, palletizers, handling systems, and cutting-edge thickness quality control solutions. Our expertise is dedicated to delivering tailored and comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs in the rubber industry.


We specialize in crafting tailored automated handling and quality control systems designed specifically for the lumber industry. Our expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as vision systems, artificial intelligence, servos, and state-of-the-art robotics to create innovative solutions.

Revolutionize your lumber mill with our pioneering automation and robotics solutions. Explore how our advanced technology is reshaping the future of the industry, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation.
Discover seamless precision with our advanced robot welding solutions. Enhance efficiency and quality in your projects with our cutting-edge automation technology. Explore the future of welding innovation today.


We specialize in crafting top-tier robot and cobot welding solutions. Our meticulous approach ensures precision and innovation in every weld. With a relentless dedication to quality, we deliver cutting-edge, high-performance welding automation.


Hygienic design stands as one of our primary strengths. With a proven track record, we've honed our expertise in designing systems for major food producers. Our experience underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that prioritize hygiene standards and compliance, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality in food production.

Transforming the food and beverage industry with our hygienic-focused automation and robotics solutions. Explore how our advanced technology ensures top-notch cleanliness, compliance, and efficiency in food processing and beverage manufacturing.
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