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Highway Traffic Monitored by SCADA Technology - An image displaying cars on a highway, showcasing the integration of SCADA technology in traffic management. While not directly visible, SCADA systems behind the scenes enable real-time monitoring and control of traffic flow. This technology aids in optimizing traffic patterns, enhancing safety, and improving efficiency on roadways through automated data acquisition and centralized supervisory control.


Revolutionize navigation and motion tracking with visual odometry, exclusively designed by JAKS Automation. Our innovative solution offers unparalleled reliability, making it the ideal substitute for velocimeters. Engineered to excel in environments where encoders falter, notably in scenarios involving slippage encountered in continuous boring miners. Contact us today to explore how visual odometry can elevate precision and performance in your unique applications.


Discover our advanced Visual Odometry solution tailored for mining. With cutting-edge machine vision, we precisely monitor speed and distance for continuous boring miners. Real-time transmission of critical data and system diagnostics to the factory's PLC ensures minimum downtime, adeptly handling issues such as lens dirt or dust obstruction.

Continuous Boring Miner Integrated with Visual Odometry Solution - An image showcasing a continuous boring miner, set to integrate a visual odometry solution. This equipment illustrates the incorporation of advanced visual odometry technology into mining machinery. The integration aims to enhance navigation and positioning accuracy within mining operations, allowing for precise movement and mapping underground, improving operational efficiency and safety in excavation processes.

Visual Odometry is designed to integrate with OEM equipment.

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